Michelle Angie Yarnell Missing Missouri Adult

Precious Child
Michelle Angela "Angie" Asher Yarnell
Missing October 2003

Michelle Angie Yarnell Missing Missouri Adult 2003

In my mind you're so vivid
Through every decision I make,
Every vow I promised not to break,
Even through loneliness and fear
You were here,
In my mind, soul and heart.

I am only a part of you.
For you are my maker,
My creator.
Like a god from above
You have given me
My first vision of love.
You have taught me
Respect and trust
And I am sorry for the time that
I treated you with less.

You are bright, beautiful, bold,
loving and caring.
You are Marianne Song Asher
You are "My Mom",
 I Love You!

~Written April 1991~
 Angie Asher Yarnell wrote to her mother Marianne Asher-Chapman


A mother and a daughter have a special love and bond, that no one can ever replace or tear apart. When tragedy comes upon a family, there are no words that can console a Mother on loosing a child. When one knows not where or what has happened to their child, each day becomes a living nightmare. They wake, they pray that this will be the day, either their child returns home, or word will come as to where they are.

The emotions are a continual roller coaster, life comes to a halt for families of those whose child is missing. They can't heal, they can't even grieve, for these families there is no closure. Thoughts go through a parents mind, is my child alive or dead. The parent becomes frantic, always searching, always looking, seeking any clue to find anything out that they can.  It's a continual cycle of being afraid that perhaps they will never know what has happened to one's own child, always waiting, always hoping, always praying. For these families, and Angie's family it is an ambiguous loss.

 In October of 2003, Michelle "Angie" Yarnell of Ivy Bend, Missouri, was to become one of the thousands of missing adults in the United States. Angie wasn't a run away, or an adult who walked away from those she loved. It took five years before Angie's family would finally begin to get answers to her disappearance.  Michael Shane Yarnell, Angie's husband, after being apprehended and questioned, confessed to killing her and disposing of her body. Marianne Asher- Chapman, Angie's mom searched for over 5 years in trying to find out what happened to her daughter. It was through Marianne search that information was discovered that helped the police to reopen this case and arrest Michael. I've enclosed links below written in several newspapers about what transpired.

In 2005, I was contacted to help in this case. Upon talking with the family and the detective in charge at that time, it was agreed that I would travel to Missouri. Through this tragedy, both Marianne and I agree that her "Angie" brought us together for more reason's then we would ever know. It has been the most humbling, filled with such emotions, that our friendship begin to grow. I can't say I know exactly what Marianne has had to go through emotionally and mentally, but I have seen her live this nightmare, the frustration, the fears, the hurt of a mother searching endlessly and tirelessly for her daughter. Marianne could of sat back and became immobilized by all of this, out of  frustration with the legal system.  Due to Marianne undying love as a mother,  she continued to search for five long years without ever stopping, looking for her daughter, Angie. Many thought she should just let it go and move on with her life, this was never an option for Marianne. During that time, Marianne went on to establish "Missouri Missing Organization" realizing from what she was going through how the laws needed to be changed to help families of missing adults.

Angie was born May 20,1975 that Taurus child.  She was full of life, passionate, caring, and always giving to others whether in words, time or gifts. She loved to write, and over her short life time she wrote many journals in which she kept her work.  Above, was one of Angie's many writings, a poem she wrote to her mother back in 1991.  Angie loved to be out in her garden, which she took great pride in. Angie would take different gem stones and little animal figurines and place them throughout her yard. She loved collecting and putting together just about anything and using them in her home, yard, even at times using as gifts.  Angie loved her family more then life itself. Through out her life, she would drop her mother postcards and notes, frequently calling her to let her know how much she loved her. Angie has and will always be missed by her family. The love and bond that was created between this precious child and mother, didn't die that day, but will continue forever.

Angie will always be that precious child to her mother, Marianne. Even though her life ended tragically and too soon, the lives she has touched won't ever be forgotten. Angie truly dances with the angels, as she danced into the lives of many while living, her spirit continues to touch and bless those who never got to meet her.  What transpired that day she passed away is still yet to unfold, in time the "whole truth" will come out, and as Angie has always given, "Marianne, you will get your daughter body back to bury her". There are many of us who will continue in that search with Marianne until that happens, bringing Angie to her final resting place.

I want to personally thank Marianne, for allowing me the honor of helping with Angie's case and the loving friendship that developed. You are an inspiration to me,  through your fierce determination, your unending courage, your love as a mother and that hope of finding the truth no matter what. Your Angie brought us together "The Three Musketeers" and we aren't done yet!

Love & Light,

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News Link On Angie's Case:

Missouri Missing
Co Founded by Marianne Asher - Chapman

Mother Speaks Out About Missing Daughter's Murder
on Connect MidMissouri.Com

Man Confesses to Forgery and Murder
Missing woman's husband discloses location of her body

Cases On Charley Project Michelle "Angie" Yarnell

Michael Yarnell charged with wife's murder, five years after Angie Yarnell disappearance

Murder charged in five-year missing woman case
Editor's Note: The solving of the mystery surrounding Angie Yarnell's disappearance was the most prolific news event of 2008 at Lake of the Ozarks.

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. -- A five-year search for the truth about the fate of a missing Morgan County woman has reached a turning point. The disappearance of Michelle "Angie" Yarnell has been declared a homicide and police are confident remains will be recovered.

For more of this story, click

Area man accused of killing wife in 2003 missing persons case
The husband of a missing woman now faces murder charges after a three-day investigation brought closure to a five-year-old missing person case.

Michael Shane Yarnell was charged late Thursday with second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and first- and second degree involuntary manslaughter in relation to the death of his wife, Michelle "Angie" Yarnell.

For more of this story, click

Husband charged in wife's 2003 death

Saturday, December 6, 2008
Columbia Missourian
BY The Associated Press

VERSAILLES A Morgan County man has been charged with killing his wife, who has been missing since 2003.

Michael Shane Yarnell, 39, was charged Thursday with second-degree murder, two counts of voluntary manslaughter and one count of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michelle "Angie" Yarnell, who was 28 when she disappeared around Oct. 26, 2003.

Police, who had been looking for Michael Yarnell since 2005, arrested him Nov. 5 in Biloxi, Miss.

Morgan County Sheriff James Petty said Yarnell told police his wife died after the couple fought and he pushed her off a 10-foot-high deck at their Ivy Bend home. He then dumped her body on an island, Petty said Friday.

Sheriff's officers told Angie Yarnell's mother, Marianne Asher-Chapman, about the charges Thursday night, Petty said.

Asher-Chapman, who had pushed investigators to continue looking for her daughter for five years, told the Sedalia Democrat she didn't know how to react to the news.

"I don't know yet," she said. "I'm just kind of numb."

Yarnell told police he took his wife's body by boat to an uninhabited island off the Osage River near Ivy Bend, where he left her remains, Petty said. Yarnell led investigators to the island about four miles from the Yarnells' former home and a search was under way for the remains.

Morgan County Prosecutor Marvin Opie said Yarnell faces four different charges to allow an eventual jury to find him guilty on a lesser charge if sufficient evidence isn't available to convict him on the murder charge. If convicted of murder, Yarnell could face life in prison.

He also faces charges for forgery and tampering with evidence , which were filed in November when Asher-Chapman reported that she had received a post card that purported to be sent from her daughter on Nov. 7, 2003.

Michael Yarnell told police he sent Asher-Chapman the post card, Petty said, in the hope that it would stop the investigation and lead investigators to think Angie Yarnell was alive and headed to Texas.

Investigators found items that Angie Yarnell would have taken with her while searching the home of Michael Yarnell's former stepfather, Petty said.

That made it clear to investigators that Michael Yarnell's previous story about his wife's disappearance "didn't match up," Petty said. When Michael Yarnell was confronted with the new evidence, he confessed to killing his wife, the sheriff said.

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