Dance With My Father

Standing tall and strong, he is my hero.   
Placing my small hands into his, 
feeling nothing could beat us.
Smiling up at him,
Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

He can do anything, for he is so brave.
He knows how to make me laugh 
when I feel sad.
There is nothing better than
Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

I love when he dances with me,
standing on his toes, 
we move around the room
While looking up
into my Daddy's eyes.

He makes me feel big and grown,
taking his hands, knowing
nothing can hurt my Daddy and me.
When I am afraid, all I have to do
Is look into my Daddy's eyes.

Many years have come and gone,
no longer that little child,
still I look forward to taking
my Daddy's hands
and looking into his eyes.

Seeing in his eyes,
forever I'll be
Daddy's little girl.

~Debra Hays~

 Over two years ago my father passed away, not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him  deeply. There are times I wish I could just see him one more time to hear him say "I love you Sug" , too look into his eyes, to hear his laughter, or to be whirled around while dancing with him. I know that these last two years have been very difficult more so for my Mother, Helen. When I call my Mom , and we talk about Daddy, I know she does it while holding back tears and my heart aches even more for her.  When I first heard this song "Dance With My Father", all I could do was cry for it reached a part of how I have felt since he passed away.  I know that someday when our time is up on this earth, my Mother and Father will dance again......

Mom and Dad 50th Anniversary

I love you Mom!




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