Reach For The Stars

A child sat before a learned mage 
seeking the answers to a recurrent dream.   
He dreamt of nighttime stars gliding before him 
outstretched fingertips teasing
tantalizing him with their very nearness.

He reached for their brilliant beauty 
only to have them turn  to shooting stars
catapulting out of reach 
into the dark night sky.
They were quickly replaced by others
  he became frantic 
as he feverishly attempted to grasp them 
and make them his own.

The dream progressed
he saw himself as a young man 
becoming a man in the prime of his life
still the stars danced before his fingertips
taunting him.

Finally he dreamt of himself as an old man
worn out and bitter
futilely closing his hands 
turning his back on the stars.
He wept
and thought God was cruel 
for putting them so close  
only to yank them away
before he could capture
their priceless splendor.

When the child finished recounting his dream
the mage contemplated for a moment
scratching his chin
pulling on his beard before replying,
"Son the stars are placed in the heavens for everyone,
they stretch into eternity.
No one can possess them for themselves."

the child implored him 
for a better understanding of his dream
tearfully pleading 
for more answers.
The mage squinted at the child
once again scratched his chin
tugged at his beard before replying,
"The stars represent your dreams,
and goals for the future."

Becoming impatient the child blurted,
"But, if they're my hopes for the future, 
that means I'll never have any of them,
they're always just out of my reach and flying away 
before I get them."

The Mage smiled indulgently replied, 
"No, my son,
your dream is telling you to always reach 
for the stars
to never give up your hopes and aspirations,
for if you do,
you will become the bitter old man you saw, 
cursing God.
For every achievement,
there is another before you.
You must always set new goals,
dream new dreams,
and constantly seek to improve yourself.
Whenever you think you possess the stars,
that you have all the answers,
you become close-minded embittered to life.
In your dream, 
you cannot possess the stars,
instead they flash as fire in the heavens.
This means that your triumphs become brilliant 
in the sky for all to see,
not for you to selfishly squander."

Finally understanding
the child thanked the mage
for his wisdom
and was never again taunted 
by nighttime stars
always out of reach.

~Written by Kristi Kusch~


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