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Psychic Debra and Psychic Joy team together to provide

Join two of the most fun loving, energetic, accurate psychics you will ever know. The Happy Psychic Duo offers free psychic readings online. Free in-depth psychic readings in a friendly group chat room. Meet new friends of like mind, learn about authentic psychic mediumship and become a better educated consumer of what to expect from a free psychic reading. The Happy Psychic Duo will amaze you. Join us now for free fun, excitement and entertainment. Receive or observe a free psychic reading online that makes sense, relates to your given situation, and helps open your awareness to inner guidance and self discovery. The Happy Psychic Duo gives names, dates, events, and identifying information you can validate. Our psychic readings are fun, educational, and amazingly accurate...and you're invited. Join the "Happy Psychic Duo" on


   Are You Having A Party?

The Happy Psychic Duo has provided psychic readings online or via phone for thousands of clients world wide. Psychic Joy and Psychic Deb are available for in person appearances. Ask about our private group reading sessions, parties, and speaking engagements in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio or Indianapolis, Indiana areas, (or anywhere you want to fly us to, giggles). Book an evening or weekend of entertainment with two of the most fun loving, energetic, accurate and authentic psychic mediums you will ever know. The Happy Psychic Duo will amaze you, your friends and guests, and yes, even the butler.

Contact Us Now For Information, Pricing, Available Dates and Times.

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